Conceptual Design For 1BHK

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The Vintage Look for your home in your budget

Piyush May Interior Designer

Piyush May

Get the Vintage Effect for your home in your Budget.

Piyush May explains how in the Sakal Times Feature Today!!



The-vintage-effect-Sakal-Times- Piyush-May

The Vintage Effect Sakal Times


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Find Right Interior Designer In Pune


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Hello Pune

So you have been searching for a long time for an interior designer in Pune but are still confused which one to finally go ahead with?

Here I am to help you with finding the right interior designer for you. Let’s make things simpler here by breaking them down into points.

  • Talk to A Friend

Talk to your friends, relatives and colleagues, basically people you know have got their interiors done up by an Interior Designer. The most important is getting to know the experience they had with their designer.

  • Go Online

Try researching on Google.  Looking by interior designers in pune will lead you a lot of relevant results. You need to narrow done from the list – you can do this by going through the photos, reviews and social media presence. Most importantly call up the ones you narrow down to as this will help you shortlist further.

  • What All do You need to Know to shortlist:
  • Browse through their work – Check their work images, articles, videos and blogs if any. there work article, image or video
  • The photos of their past work will help you give an idea of their capabilities and what you can expect from the designer.
  • Make sure that the photos you are referring to are actual images of the site and not a 3D visual created by the designer.
  • Do go through the Testimonials and reviews – it wouldn’t give you a complete picture but will definitely help you get the confidence in your decision.
  • If you find works of certain interior designers interesting then do make it a point to meet them up once and not rely only on the Social Mediums.
  • Plenty of websites like,, Urbanhomez, Urbanclap and many more can also provide a good chunk of interior designers

What to ask Interior Designer

Once you shortlist your choice of Interior Designers, Give them a call or fix up a meeting. You need to ensure that you do the following as it will help simplify the process

  • Introduce yourself and the work that you look to get done. The area of work, your basic requirements and the budget you have in mind.
  • Also be prepared for certain inquiries/questions or information update from the Designer which can be include Their Work Process,  Cost structure,  Payment process,  Agreements if any and the project duration along with discussion on the points mentioned by you.

Now that you have all the information about your shortlisted Pune Designers. Here is the easiest way to arrive at a decision. Make a Table of the designers and rate them on basis of the information that you have collected. The main paramters which you need to rate are mentioned below – you may add more if you want to.

Here is a sample snapshot of the comparison chart


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Complete Interior Designer’s Process

How does interior designer work?

This is the question always comes to in mind whenever you’re planning to do interior designing of your house, Office, Café, Restaurant. Hear RedBricks Designs is helping you to understand Complete interior designer’s process of there or any other interior designer in Pune or any other part of India.

2 New Portfolio Intro 01

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Customize Interior Designing For Mr. Onkar at Rahtni, Pune

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Residence Designing for Mr Ganesh @ Rahatani Pune

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Happy Holi

Happy Holi from RedBricks Designs 2017

Happy Holi 2017

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Happy Women’s Day


Happy Women’s Day 2017

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How Yellow To White Light Changes Interior Designing

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T.V. Unit Designs

TV-unite-desing-04 TV-unite-desing-03 TV-unite-desing-02 TV-unite-desing-01

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