Franchise Interior Design


Crazy Knock, an on demand service based company, came to us with requirement of designing a small office which would be replicated across all of their franchises in India. The main requirement put forward by the client was Budget and its eye-catchiness T

Here is what RedBricks Designs came up with to address the client’s key requirements while not compromising on the design or quality element.

Shop Front: The shop front design was inspired from what most of us do when we are sketching – yes the Doodle Style. The company’s primary target segment is House related services so we plan to have a Home Sketched on as the shop front – the difficult curves will be taken care of by Glass Graphics. To appeal to the customers and to increase the footfalls we will be using bright yellow as our colour and the shop front glass will be having a brick based graphic on ACP to get the wall effect for the entire shop front look.

Waiting area: A three seater sofa for visitors, writing board and a leaflet holder hanged on the wall to get more floor space. The highlighted wall will have the graphic signature of the company detailing it’s working and achievements.

Office: This area is for the manager. A table along with enough storage space on either sides for office filings and other documents. Another provision for a big storage so as to store all of the documents conveniently. The wall behind the manager will also be having the company’s branding so as to re-emphasis the same for the customer facing the manager.