Why Decorate Only a Wall & Not The Entire Room?

Decorate a single wall and give your entire room a makeover
Wall has always been a very important part of a designing one for a designer it is like a plain canvas on which he can express his design style. Given that is a plain canvas makes the selection of a wall more important. Selecting the right wall is key to the perfect use of it as a design element; the wrong selection will break other design components as well.
Let’s discuss wall decoration in more detail
To begin with the main question
Which wall should be decorated?
Try to select a wall which will gather the maximum attention, for example when you enter a room the wall that meets your sight as soon as you enter can be one, a wall which has a fire place, wall which has a TV unit or a wall which practically has nothing but can be highlighted to the best effect.
What are the options to decorate wall?
1) Wallpaper
Wallpaper is one of the most popular and more effective options. The use of wallpapers can be dated back to the Renaissance time. Wall papers have good textures and detailed graphics within themselves so all you need to do is select what suits you and your room
2) Decorating wall : paint
Painting is one of the most common and the most popular way to make any dull surface look good. Right place and right color is all that you need to make your walls and rooms look beautiful.
3) Decorating wall : fabric
Fabrics can also be used instead of wall papers to decorate walls.
4) Decorating wall : stencils
Make your own stencils and decorate the wall the way you want. Alternatively you can buy stencils from market too.

5) Decorating wall : graphic The latest trend to have come in interior designing of houses is wall graphics. Graphics has more expression and is a more detailed work along with a long life guarantee.

6) Decorating wall : picture frame painting , mural
Decorating wall by buying some frames, pictures is one the oldest and maybe somewhat common way. But it still is the most successful way to make walls look gorgeous.
7) Decorating wall : Decorative texture wall
If you are ready with what wall you want to decorate then you can use textures. Use of textures can also be done creatively.
8) Decorating wall : Wall Pealing (wood work)
Wall pealing is one of the traditional ways to decorate wall. It is time consuming as well as costly but the end result is what you will cherish for lifetime.

9) Decorating wall : Furniture Shelf
If you have some nice thing to be put on display or if you are a book lover and a collector then use this wall space to display them with an artistically shaped shelf.
Watch out for next post in which we shall talk more in detail about how you can actually go about using each of the above mentioned ways and if you are in Pune I can even guide you about the places where you can actually look out for to buy or get inspired to design your house interiors beautifully.