WARM COLOUR – Hot to handle

Hello Friends, I am back with something on Colours.

Colours are fascinating and can bring about the best of changes in your house if used cautiously.

Let’s talk about Warm colours today.

So which are the warm colours? Contrary to the normal belief the colours red, orange and yellow are not hot colours but are Warm colours. So you can say that basically the shades of the Sun are classified as warm colours. Warm colours are really attractive and can make or break the look of the room. They need to be handled (read used) with care and control for any space.

Using Warm Colours in Commercial Places

Although the of use warm colours for commercial places is not a common practice as if not used correctly can create an uneasy environment for the employees. Commercial places need to be calm and controlled as the environment offered to the employee should be productive and peaceful.

I would love to use warm colours for Commercial Places but for that I would select places where such colours can make a difference and not become a hindrance.

Places such as pantry, cafeteria, smoking zone, kitchen, recreational area or any other place where in the employee would go for a break

One more word of caution while using these colours never use all of them together and at one place else they would really be Too Hot to Handle ;). The deal combination of colours when dealing with red, orange and yellow is to use a combination of 70 : 30 that is 70% of the warm colours and 30 % of cool colours.

Using Warm Colours in Residential Places

If you ever try to experiment with Warm colours at residential places then you will be amazed to see the outcome.  They look fabulous, especially to lit up the romance in the room yes but as said before they need to be handled with caution.

The key to get the best result is to keep in mind that warm colours give out warm feeling and they amplify the feeling. So to have a room which feels cozy and romantic, one should use a very little of Warm colours and more of cool colours.

For residence I would prefer using the warm colours in Master bedroom, kid’s room (given that the kid is a teenager), dining area and the entertainment room.

For a perfect combination try to use the colours in the ratio of 35:10:55 that is 35 % of warm colour, 10% of another warm colour and 55% of cool colour. The other ideal combination is 30: 70 where you use 30% of warm colour and 70% of the lighter shade of the same warm colour.

Using Warm Colours in Hotel, Pubs and Restaurants

You can see Warm colours at these places most of the times. The best possible use of warm colours is at pub and lounge. One goes to these places to chill out, unwind oneself and enjoy. Warm colours oozes out a sense of excitement and hence are more used for lounges.
I would love to use them for pubs, dance floors and bar counters as these places need to share the feeling of warmth, relaxation and as the same time exciting.

For ideal combination use 3 to 4 different shades of warm colours – here I would state the More the Merrier. But remember to keep in mind the balance of the colour – the main warm colour in its original colour should be only 20%, use the various shades of the colour but the main colour should not be more than 20% else it will disturb the equilibrium of the space.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with the Warm Colours. Have them in balance and they will never let you down. Do post in your views and share some of your experiences and trials. Would love to hear from you.