Quick Interior Fixes to Enlighten your Living Space

One can’t be spending behind doing and redoing the interiors of our house every few years. Obviously one tends to get bored looking at the same stuff for years. SO here are some quick fixes which will help you rejuvenate the interiors of your house and with that your mood too!!
Lets begin with Quick Fixes for your living room:
– Sofa:
The Life of living room is sofa and a sofa’s soul is cushion. Always buy some extra cushions. So for the next party you can embellish your sofa with some shiny and bright plain colored cushions. Similarly if you have puja or any other traditional function at your place switch over to the ethnic style and keep traditional style stitched cushions.
– Painting on wall:
Change the paintings that you are currently having on your walls or if you do not having any paintings or frames then buy it and put them in your living room. The only thing that should be taken care when you select new paintings/frames is that the painting should look sad or else it will make the mood gloomy. Add colors to the life of your living room with beautiful frames. Also if you do not wish to spend money on buying paintings then you can frame some of the photos or fabrics and put them across the wall
– Flower Vase:
Flower vases are no longer expensive and decorative pieces can be bought from the market for throw away prices. But if you still wish to use something from your house instead of buying a new thing you can use decorative glass bottles that lie idle in your house. You can use them as flower vase or paint the bottles using glass paint. You can also put pebbles, colorful glasses inside the bottles.
– Books :
If you are a book lover and have some good collection of books then you should utilize the collection to add a touch of grace to your living space. You should keep them in front of the eyes as that will also inspire your kids to read more plus it always creates a good impression.
– Wall paper:
If you have wall paper on one of the wall then you can change the wall paper or put the wallpaper on a different wall. In case you don’t have wall papers then get one and use them to highlight one of the walls.
– Paint :
Changing of paint of the house is a very tedious task which can be very time consuming and costly. But what one can do is just paint only one wall of the entire room. Also one need not get painters to paint the wall we can ourselves paint the wall and add the charm to the room.
– Graphics:
Now a day’s readymade graphics with a huge variety are available in the market – all you need to do is just stick them on the wall. But make sure that what you stick on wall should be of good quality else it can spoil your wall. Also ensure that while selecting the graphic it should go with the flow of your room’s look
Another option is that of making a painting yourself. If you are good at painting then you can use your art to liven up the look of your walls.
– Art:
You can buy any new expensive artefacts or can get some good clay art from roadside and paint it using vibrant colors. Either way you can also paint some unused items lying in your house.