How To Manage With Flooring Design & Types

Today let’s talk about some options for flooring. Well to begin with people in India don’t give much importance to flooring design as much importance is given to ceiling design. Just like ceiling design adds to the beauty of the house similarly the flooring design adds to the beautification of the house.

Let’s get into the details of various types of flooring, how and where can you use the various flooring types in your room’s design

What is the ideal time to do the floor designing?

–          The best time to have the floor designed is when you house or office is under construction. It is the optimum time as you have maximum freedom to make changes according to you without breaking or redoing anything.

–          When for one reason or another you are planning to redo or change the flooring of the house- plan it out and design a good floor for your room.

–          Simply when you feel your room décor needs a change.

What are the different types of Flooring?

  1. Ceramic Tile Flooring
  2. Stone Flooring
  3. Wooden Flooring
  4. Laminated Flooring
  5. Carpet Flooring
  6. Vinyl Flooring.

What are these flooring and how to decide which one suits your house/office?

 Let’s talk about them in detail

  1. Ceramic Tile Flooring: 

It is made using clay and it is treated and glazed further to make it look smooth and shiny.

How to use it in flooring designing

  • Ceramic flooring is a solid stone kind of flooring and mainly is available in rectangular or square so one can design using that.
  • Grid designs can be created using ceramic tiles. Grid with 45 degree angles or any other angles can be created (one needs to be careful while deciding upon the angles).
  • Design can also be created using two or more colors for the unique effect.
  • Another combination can be that of rough and glazed tile.
  • The tile cutting needs to be done basis the design created by you for the floor.
  1. Stone Flooring:

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It is made out of real stone but not all stones can be used for flooring purpose. There are various types of stones some commonly used and available stones are marble & granite. The availability and the use both depend and vary from region to region.

How to use it in flooring designing

  • One can make any shape but the most important consideration while making design is the limitation of the stone being used. One needs to keep in mind the pros and cons of the stone that is being used for flooring purpose.
  • For example if you have  a squarish shaped stone then you can make a grid based design.
  • Combination of two of more colored stones can be used basis the place it is being designed for.
  1. Wooden Flooring:

It’s made out of real solid wood and is majority used in countries with cold temperatures, the reason being that solid wood creates warmth and hence keeps the surrounding area warm. Wooden flooring is one of expensive flooring both creation and maintenance wise.

How to use it in flooring designing

  • The main limitation of this kind of flooring is its availability.
  • Since the wood is available in form of planks the design needs to be done keeping the plank in mind. The floor should be designed only as per plank.
  • When designing using wood for flooring it can’t be combined with any other type of flooring.
  1. Laminated Flooring:

It is the look alike of wooden flooring. Wooden flooring being expensive and exquisite the gap has been filled by laminated flooring – it is prefinished and needs to be just glued down or applied using a thin foam pad laid on the sub floor.

  1. Carpet Flooring:

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This type of flooring is suggested when one is looking for sound insulation plus a soft and cozy feeling. This flooring is available in all kinds of range that is color wise and expense wise.

How to use it in flooring designing

  • The carpet flooring offers a wide range of colours, textures and designs giving you a extensive designing scope.
  • This type of flooring can used wall to wall or any other combination basis the design.
  • Carpet flooring gives the feeling exactly like that of a soft fabric on the floor and can one’s creativity can be fully utilized with this kind of flooring.
  1. Vinyl Flooring:

This flooring is sheet based flooring. The design will be executed by placing sheet in pattern of the design in such a way that the tile line and the ground line seams run in parallel and hence the seams would not look different of both of them. This is the most cost effective flooring.

How to use it in flooring designing

  • The vinyl flooring can be only used in wall to wall kind of flooring.
  • It is available in various colours, designs and textures as well.
  • One can use different combination of colors designs and textures.
  • Sometimes using the level difference effectively can also create interest designs.

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Hope the Flooring details have helped you gain some insights into types of floors and how effectively you can use them to make your house look more elegant.