How Do The Interior Design Work

Every Interior Designer has their own way to work. We are RedBricks Designs this is our Workflow.

Work Flow
1) Site Visit
The RedBricks Designs team will visit the site with the client and understand the
complete requirements including the preferences, requirements & necessities.
The requirement from the Client: Provide the basic floor plan given by the builder.
2) Cost Estimated
All of the data that have been collected during the first visit will be utilized to make the
Cost Estimate basis the preferences & choices of the client. Cost Estimate will have all
the costs along with various bifurcations.
3) Design & Budget Meeting
This meeting is the most important step of the project where we meet the client to
discuss changes and doubts in the designs and budget. This meeting will lay the step
towards the finalization of the designs and the budget.
4) Designing Advance
Once all the confirmations are done with respect to the budget and design, the client
requires to pay the advance amount to avail of our services. RedBricks Designs will not
proceed with any kind of design or any other work until the advance amount has
been paid.
5) Documentation
Along with releasing the advance amount the client is also required to provide us the
basic information about himself and sign an agreement with RedBricks Designs. The
document states all the agreed-upon terms & conditions on the workflow, project
progress & payment process between the client and us.
6) Presentation
In this step, we will provide all designs for the complete workspace
(Residences/Commercial). All the drawings provided will be in 2D and where ever
requested by the client for a need of 3D visualization of the same drawing we shall provide the 3D
view using Google Sketchup Software. Anything extra will be separately charged
7) Final Presentation
This is the final presentation wherein we provide all drawings along with design details
including color schemes. All the changes discussed during the previous presentation
would be incorporated here. The client needs to approve and sign all the designs and no
changes shall be done once the drawings have been approved and signed.
8) Execution Advance
If the Client wishes to avail of the Execution services from RedBricks Designs then the client
needs to pay an advance amount towards the execution. The advance is required for
RedBricks Designs to begin any kind of execution work.

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