Interior Designing in Pune


    Buying a home, office or a showroom is always a dream that had turned into reality and everyone would want that dream to look perfect even in reality.
    A dream which one had seen and now will be lived in reality, everyone wants it to be comfortable, classy and yes definitely everyone’s envy.


    Redbricks Designs ensure that your house is unique and definitely the one that you saw in your dream.
    If you are pune and are looking to decorate the interiors of your new house, office, showrooms, restaurant or any space that you need help with – Redbricks designs is there to help you design and decorate it your way – THE WAY YOU WANT IT and would LIKE IT.


    Redbricks designs is a interior designing firm based in pune and caters to all kinds of interior designing services including customized services.

    Our basic process to begin with is that we try to know your likes, dislikes, needs, necessities as well as the look you wish to have or something unusual you want to try or maybe you just don’t have any clue but want to give it a perfect look- all these are taken into consideration and given importance while designing the layouts, decorating your house – with constant inputs and approvals from you.

    And all this at affordable rates!!


    GET started – Call Us to VISIT the site for designing the interiors and executing them
    The entire process is very simple and transparent. All you need to do is give us a call at +918087348288 or drop us a mail at or fill in the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


    Once we hear from you, we get back to you to fix a convenient time for the site visit. The first site visit is basically to visit the site which has to be designed or decorated based on your requirements, needs, likes, dislikes and your outlooks. We make sure that majority of the points and areas are covered and discussed with the client based on which we will be sending you the basic layout by email within 3 to 4 working and once one of them is approved we provide you with approximate budget based on the selected layout within 2 working days.


    Once you decide to go ahead with our services we proceed with the rest of the process accordingly and will be discussing with you the entire process in detail and once the project begins we will be sending you regular updates on the status of the project to keep you informed.

    Customized Execution Service


    RedBricks Designs takes pride in offering Customized interior designing solutions

    We came across lot of people who were looking for services ranging from designing and execution of one room or just wanted to design ceiling or have only the design done for their entire house which may due to financial constrain or may be as per their current needs but were finding it difficult to find people who would do it for them equally beautifully if they were to do their complete house, office or any other space.

    So we at redbricks designs have come to help all thosse people who are looking for these services because we believe in decorating every space whether it is one room or the entire house what matters for us is a satisfied customer.

    Call us at +918087348288 or drop us a mail at

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